Do you offer payment at the door option?
You can only pay for your purchases with credit card and debit card. Unfortunately, we do not offer payment at the door option.
Do you ship products abroad?
We ship worldwide and all international orders are customs tax and duties included (DDP) to save our customers time and hassle of paying taxes at the border. 
International orders are billed and shipped within 24 hours.
We use FedEx and UPS, and regional carriers if the two carriers aren't available. 
For any questions or concerns regarding international orders, use the chat bubble on the right bottom corner for live support, or e-mail us at info@ateliergalin.com
How long does it take for my order to be shipped?
Domestic orders placed before 4 PM on weekdays, excluding holidays and special days, are shipped on the same day. 
International orders are shipped within 24 hours excluding holidays and special days.
What is the shipping fee?
Shipping is free on all domestic orders.
We charge a small fixed fee based on continent for international orders.
Can I use my credit card safely during my shopping?
At the time of payment, your credit card information is received on a highly secure page provided by the CBRT and BRSA approved payment institution and is encrypted and processed. Your credit card information is not seen nor stored by us.
What is your return policy?
Domestic orders can be returned within 7 days and international orders can be returned within 14 days, as long as the  original label is not removed and product is in mint condition. For returns, you can contact us at info@ateliergalin.com and get your shipping code. For detailed information, please review our Delivery and Returns page.
How can I reach you?
For all your questions, opinions and feedback, you can reach us via our e-mail address info@ateliergalin.com or via the chat box at the bottom right corner of our website. Messages sent via chat are answered in real-time during work hours and by e-mail outside of work hours. 

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