mob wife aesthetic

Clean Girl is out— it’s time for the “Mob Wife”

All the rage with the "Clean Girl"

Slicked back buns and clean, minimal and fresh makeup looks paired with white shirts and dad sneakers—all sound very familiar,right? This trend of becoming the ultimate “low effort” girl with the highest amount of effort has been all the rage since early 2021. The “Clean Girl” trend encapsulated the girl who does everything she can to look like she didn’t do much and is “put together” like that… This aesthetic is all about being casual with your daily fits and focusing on timeless and non-offensive pieces of clothing. Some have even called it the “corporate standard”.


clean girl aesthetic


As fashion and trends swing wildly from one extreme to another, the non-offensive and demure aesthetic of “Clean Girl” was sent to another dimension with the resurgence of “Mob Wife”, an aesthetic taking inspiration from The Sopranos and Scarface, the partner of a mobster is seen rocking pieces that intimidate others, quite the opposite to the effect that a clean girl look would give off.


What about the “Mob Wife” trend makes it so good?


She is the antithesis of subtlety. She is also quite done up, and very obnoxiously so. She doesn’t hide the fact that she is high maintanance, whether it’s her long red nails or her fur jacket, you can see where she puts her money right in front of you. Her makeup is bold with either the eyes or lips played up—they are a weapon to let others know she is fierce.

mafya eşi çantası

The plush golden-suede Jasmine in color Tabac pairs best with a mob wife look. 

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This aesthetic can be incorporated very well into your winter outfits without looking extreme-a splash of mob wife could be an oversize fur jacket, skinny heeled boots and a lavish shiny leather bag— our favorite accesory to complement this style: Jasmine Hobo Bag in Deep Red. The rich hue of the suede matching with her nails and the shiny gold hardware becoming a part of her all-gold jewelry stack. A true force to be reckoned with!



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