5 Essential Tips for Buying a Luxury Handbag

5 Essential Tips for Buying a Luxury Handbag


1- Consider the cost-per-wear

2-Make sure your lifestyle fits the bag, and vice-versa

3-Consider your color palette and style

4-Inspect quality like a pro

5-Trendy vs. timeless- how do you spot it early?


Consider the cost-per-wear

 What is cost-per-wear? 

Well, as the name suggests, it is the times (mostly in a year) you will wear the bag, divided by the amount you paid for it. The lower the CPW, the more value you get out of your bag. 

This means it's best to buy a handbag that you can wear in a variety of situations - how many ways can you wear it? Is it appropriate to wear to work, to school and out with friends? Is it appropriate for the weather in your area? Sometimes, we can get lost in the allure of a bag, and forget cruicial details like this.

If you need an all-seasons, all-occasions bag that is timeless yet modern, your best bet is our Jasmine Hobo:

gray and black leather handbag by atelier galin

Make sure your lifestyle fits the bag, and vice-versa

Do you work in an office and need your laptop with you? Or you design with large canvases and pens with you, and need all of it. 

Of course, you can compromise by having a bag and carrying your laptop in a laptop case, but you can also opt for a larger tote style. Make sure you decide which style fits you before you make the jump and buy a new luxury handbag.

Consider your color palette and style

If you are eyeing a pop of colour, it's very important to consider the color palette of the majority of your wardrobe. You can still go for colors that you wouldn't buy clothes in, as we believe your bag is the most special part of your outfit, and deserves to stand out.

Inspect quality like a pro

Stitches, leather finish, edge paint... seems complicated to dissect a bag like a pro? We've got a few pointers for you.


Stitches: Should be neat and regular, yet not %100 perfect. A red flag is popped stitches, especially on a brand new bag. Stitch holes being loose, and stitches being loose in general is another sign you bag won't last very long.


Leather Finish: Are the corners already starting to peel? Is the corner and base of the bag properly supported? Can the bag carry heavier items without the base and handles sagging? Certain types of leather (with thinner finishes and cuts) are more prone to sagging and losing their shape, which majorly effects the appeal of your bag. 


Edge Paint: Edge paint is one of those things you won't pay attention to, but if your bag isn't of good quality, edge paint will be the first sign of your bag aging.


Hardware: Some people just have an "eye for quality", right? This trait is usually just being able to tell if a product is made with good materials. You can check the hardware as the easiest sign of quality, as rust, popped buttons and torn hardware on a brand new bag should raise concerns right away.

 close up photo leather handbag brown suede

Hardware quality is a tell-tale sign that your bag is well made.


Trendy vs. timeless- how do you spot it early?

If you spot a bag you really like, but you are unsure of how the style will hold up, here are a few ways to tell the style will stand the test of time:


Size: Usually, if a bag is very large (think of those huge tote bags that were popular in early 2000s) or very tiny (micro bags that barely fit a credit card) - these are usually trendy items. 


Structure: Overly slouchy bags, even though they "came back" in 2024, are quite trendy and bags-of-now, instead of being classics. Just last year, they were deemed old-fashioned! This shows that it's usually best to stay away from slouchy silhouettes, especially in very large sizes and crinkled leathers. This is the 2000s combo.


Trendy additions: Things like bag charms (remember those?) and scarves on bags were quite popular in the mid 2010's, but have fallen in popularity quite quickly. Timeless styles usually won't need these additions anyways.


Remember, simplicity is elegance.


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